Science is revolutionary. It keeps on evolving according to the need of living. Experiments, failure all of these are a part of the process to make the next big thing that’ll certainly shock the world. Most of the technologies are made to help take off the daily load from human shoulders. Also, there is a competition, and this leads to the production of some great revolutionary ideas. Ten years ago, people had an idea that by 2017 there will be flying cars, and robots will be taking over the humans. But certainly, the case is not same. There are robots, and there are cars which you can control by your mobile phones, but that is prone to accidents in the event of failure.

Science is much more than these assumptions. It operates according to the need of the hour. For example, 3-D printing machines. Five years ago people had no idea that 3-D printing devices can form the body parts to transform, but now it is used at hospitals and works fine. But it is the talk of old time. What do people think now? Where will science take us in say, next ten years? Which fields will progress and bring a revolution in the world of technology? Let’s have an idea about that.

Fields to be transformed in next ten years-


Advancement in robotics and drones– the robots are currently active in hospitals and have performed some operation, been used by the police and also used for household chores. So what are the possibilities now? These robots can be more advanced and intelligent, and the cost can be decreased in upcoming ten years. They will be available to work along with people and make the work easy in every field.

Artificial intelligence– the all-time evolving inelastic based to adaptable one, these are more insightful now. Programs and technologies that have artificial intelligence develop their algorithms. AI in mobile phones and PC are much more than an app. It helps people do things easily and keep a check on what you want or need. It may take over every device, and only the voice will be necessary to operate all of the machines.

Data analytics


The price of cloud usage has decreased in previous years, and various companies use it to analyse data. Cloud data can be used to the creation of new assets, increased productivity and more customisation of products and services.

These are some of the fields that will be more advanced in upcoming ten years, but there may be more new things coming up in next five years for science never sit still.